an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #2

She shrieked and bounded over to the other side of the kitchen to avoid getting bombarded with flour. Her laugh rang throughout the house that was only occupied with us at the moment and I couldn’t help but smile at the joy that filled her expression. Juliet had just sneak-attacked me with an explosion of flour as we were in the middle of making cookies for some bake sale that she had roped both of us in to. Her smile was full of nothing but pure happiness, while mine was a mixture of mischief and joy. She knew that I would most likely attack her with flour right back, which explains why she basically sprinted to the other side of the kitchen.

“You’re going to regret that,” I smirked, rocking side to side. She giggled, her face and hands were covered with the white flour that was also sitting in my hair and all over my shirt.

“Oh, am I?” Juliet challenged raising an eyebrow, not even trying to hide the smile that took my heart the many months ago. 

Letting out my best battle cry, I lunged over to her with my hands full of flour. She let out another shriek and attempted to move out of the way, but she knew that I was faster than her. The flour ended up in her hair and she laughed which caused flour to fall from her hair, making the already messy kitchen even messier.

“And this is why I love you,” She said, taking a couple steps to close the distance before she kissed me. She tasted like flour but I wasn’t complaining. 

“I love you,” I replied with a smile, “But we better finish the cookies and clean up before my mom comes home and has a crap attack.”


– she was a floury mess, but she was my floury mess



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