hi. did ya miss me?

hi. you haven’t really heard from me in a few months and i apologize for that. i’ve been going through the worst creative block of my entire life. the only way to get out of it, is to go though. so i’m reviving my blog, or at least i’m gonna try to. some things have happened since i last posted so here’s a little life update:

• i graduated high school on may 17. i’ve never been so happy to get out of that place. it was so toxic and soul destroying the last few weeks.

• i had my last day at the newspaper. it was bittersweet. i love writing and working for them but i just didn’t care the last few weeks, which is awful on my part. the creative block was just too strong and i was also going through a depressive episode. excuses don’t fix anything though.

• i went to my second pride parade. it was full of happy people and ridiculous tan lines. i went with a bunch of friends that also identify as lgbtq+ and we had a blast. i got a couple of mom hugs and we got truck stand fries.

• i’ve done so many spontaneous and extremely fun things with a group of friends i never thought i’d have. all of my friends make me so happy and i’m so glad i’ve finally found a solid friend group where i can be myself around. it’s truly refreshing from what i experiences during high school.

• i leave for college august 17. this will be the biggest move i’ve ever made, as i’ve lived in the same house and town since i was born. im very anxious but also extremely excited for all the good things that will come out of me getting out of my tiny bubble. this hasn’t happened yet, but i have roughly 20~ days until it happens.

those are just a few events that have happened since i’ve last made a post on this blog. i really want to get back into what i love most: writing and taking photos. hopefully i can break free from this seemingly never ending creative block.

♡ anita


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