monthly music: january

it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted and even longer since i’ve made a post about music. to make up for my absence here is a (slightly) longer list of some songs i listened to in january (very late, might i add) ((but it’s never too late for bops))


usual jams

1950 – king princess

pussy is god – king princess

jackie & wilson – hozier

sherman oaks – EXES

7 rings – ariana grande


come out and play – billie eilish

around the world and back – state champs


songs that make my heart feel

jaded – sadeyes

LISTEN when I tell you that I listen to this song on repeat almost every time I get in the car, I’m 100% telling the truth. I love this song so much and I scream it at the top of my lungs every single time I hear it.

in a week – hozier ft. karen karen cowley

this song is so beautifully sad and listening to it on vinyl makes the experience even better. I love hozier. I always have. this song just made me fall so much more in love with him.

bury a friend – billie eilish

creepy. beautiful. amazingly talented. so many great ways to describe this song. the music video pairs with the song so well and it makes it so eerie and creepy, i can’t help but listen to it on repeat.

talia – king princess

as you can probably tell, i love king princess. so much. I would gladly let her ruin my life and tear my heart to shreds if she wanted to. that’s also the vibe i get from this song. ugh.

cliche – mxmtoon

this song is incredibly cheesy and so lovey dovey, it makes me want to fall in love at a coffee shop with a random stranger. my best friend showed me this song and it’s so cute my heart dies.

you’re somebody else – flora cash

like all of the songs on this list, i can 100000% listen to this song on repeat for the rest of my life. also like all the songs in this playlist, it is painfully and beautifully sad. sad songs have been my vibe lately.


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