Failure is inevitable, but remember to learn from it

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” I saw that quote by Henry Ford while scrolling through Pinterest and it stuck out to me for a particular reason. Naturally, I fear failing and being a failure as every other human does. It’s just another not-so-great part of reality.

As I get closer and closer to graduating and having to deal with the real world, the fear of failure is more evident than ever. I think most of my class can agree with me on that part.

There are a little over 100 actual days of being in school left until it is time to put our caps and gowns, and go into the unknown future. There are a few joining the military, going to college or not, the fear of failing is still relevant in every aspect.

There is fear of failing our families, ourselves, our teachers, everyone. No one wants to fail, but it does give us the option to restart, begin again, with a better game plan, a better strategy to lessen the chance of failure. There is nothing with failing, as you always have the option to restart, and there is something beautiful about that opportunity. There will always be a clean slate waiting for you when you’re ready to retry.

The only thing ever keeping people from going after their dreams is the fear of failure. Going out on a limb and chasing after your passion is completely possible, and the only thing that could cause you to fail is the fear of failing.

Most of my class will be going out on this limb way too soon for comfort, and hopefully it doesn’t break. I just hope that my class and I will be able to overlook the fear of failure and the terrifying aspects of growing up, and succeed in whatever we choose to do. I truly believe that everyone in my class has the opportunity to do something great with their life, and live out their dream, and I can only hope that the fear of failing doesn’t hold them back. The worst thing is a missed opportunity, because you just sit there wondering what could’ve been. Do not let go of the opportunities because you’re afraid of what others think, or failing. Do not let go of those opportunities to make someone else happy. This is your future, not theirs.

Whether they stay in Salem, or move 1,000 miles away, as long as they are succeeding in their own eyes, that it all that matters.

Do not be afraid of failure, as it gives you the option to restart. The clean slate will always be waiting for you.


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